I be blogging, that’s what I be doing…….

So here I am.  I am a technology zealot, I love gadgets and basically anything that requires a power source in order to operate……….. BUT social networking…  I have fought every step of the way. First there was myspace. I came to the party really late.  While recording the album, I felt a lot of pressure to respond to people right away, and it kind of felt like another job at times……. BUT through myspace I made a lot of fans, a lot of friends…. (real talk — a fling and a flirt, or two), and a trip to the UK to record the first and third singles on the  Reel People « Seven Ways To Wonder » Album   … Then I fought facebook. When I signed up for it, I freaked out as it scanned through my emails like a bone collector looking for skeletons in my closet.  I remember warning Miles (my manager) about how the process was like a cyber colonic or something…… BUT then I made some more fans, and some more friends and  started to actually be « social » online……..  Which brings me to the present —   twitter and blogging.

There used to be 3 stations ABC, NBC & CBS.  Somehow their programming lineup catered to a nation.   It’s funny that we now have literally 1000’s of channels and nothing is ever on.  Why is that?  Could it be that most of it is just noise?  In order to fill  a 1000 channels you can’t really take the time needed for everything to be great – you have to meet deadlines and such ( but that’s another story).   I started to worry about contributing to the noise.  I mean….. getting an update to my phone telling me that your lunch didn’t come out the other end well, just really doesn’t seem that important to me….. so I probably won’t be updating this blog like that. BUT I would love to let you into my world, and as an artist/person, let you know how I think.

So welcome to thought process.  I want this be an interactive experience because your thought process will help me grow.  So please feel free to comment.

This blog was inspired by a very special friend of mine who’s blog I always read.  I think I realized that what a blog allows you to do is listen.  There is no way to interject and interrupt the other persons thought stream and in that way you can really get a deeper understanding of who they are.


8 commentaires sur « I be blogging, that’s what I be doing……. »

  1. real talk – on my end, I don’t want to be the one who contributes to the noise. There’s a higher percentage of society that lacks substance. People are quick to fill the air with awhole lotta nothing….instead of talking or having substantial conversations….now, back to social networking. It’s a great tool…I am a facebook junkie myself mostly used for advertisement purposes/networking….but I have to say I am ripe and ready for real talk….before I go, i want to congratulate you on your blog, thank you for sharing and I look forward to many more.

  2. Love your energy. I look forward to listening to your thoughts and sharing my own. I am still blogging on myspace waiting to graduate to an independent blog. Peace, Monika

  3. Darien, you may recall me from another social network (the only one I subscribe to), my daughter and I enjoyed your « good singing » ;). Let me start off by saying I am sorry! Well, I thought to visit your page and came by this, very intriguing to say the least. I met you a short while ago and was (still is) inspired by your persona. I lost my father (only 48yrs old) on the 29th of January, just days ago. I have yet to bury him, a task by which I don’t think I am capable of, but. As I have been suffering the pains of my reality I find you here with more such beautiful words from thoughts (some not so hidden far within the depths) and yet it has been one of the very few things that has comforted my soul (the realness). You are quite talented and yet quite earthly. The more I read your soft and honest words the more I’m drawn to my desire to pour out my own thoughts as blood from a old unhealed wound. Maybe one day my desires will materialize into courage and that courage into actions that will spring forth wonders from a soul torn by the « bitter sweetness » of life. What can I say, but Thank You once again. Many blessings to you Darien!


  4. @LaRonna. Thank you for your comment. My condolences for your loss. I know too well the pain of losing a parent and there are probably no words I can say that can provide lasting relief, but let me encourage you again. If you have been moved in any way by my words know that someone, right now, will be comforted by your story and the eloquence of your delivery. Courage into action doesn’t have to be a long process. The more I expose myself, the more I feel connected. That in itself is a healing process. At the end of the day, we are all really not that different, and understanding that can make a lonely world much more bearable. On a side not (from our last convo), I am earthly, but I don’t believe we live on a big fiery ball of sin. Their is a lot of good here – even if you have to squint to see it at times.

    Be blessed


    1. I created this for the loss of my father… Just a few simple songs I remember hearing growing up that were and still are very dear to my heart…
      They say « the eyes are the windows to the soul… » maybe so, but like the Passeridae, music translates the soul to the heart…


      Thank you Daren, I have made a choice after reading your reply post here (and remembering the words you spoke from your posted video « If These Walls Could Talk ») and thinking about many of your words, to start and finish that book I have been working on (on and off) for 10 years now along with my own paintings. I buried my little brother 23 years ago, my fathers only son and after that my father drank himself to death from sorrow and grief and now there remains my mother, myself, and now my most beautiful daughter. Somehow from some where you have given me insight into my own ability to complete a work I have longed to finish. Once I am done I would love and would be honored with the opportunity to send you the first public copy as a way to say what no one or two simple words could ever express… my thanks to you!

      With a Spiritual Love that can only be manifested from the Most High…
      Daren Thank You, You are Truly Blessed



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