The Artist Pays The Price: Part 1

« The artist pays the price. »

The artist…..  pays the price…..

I stared at this phrase until I had to have answer.   I mean…. I’m an artist, what exactly am I paying for now?

My thought process is shaped from conversations I have with others, and one cat I build with on a regular, is my boy Civilian (I am not sure if I can give up his secret identity yet).   When I read his IM status, let’s just say my curiousity was piqued.

He told me it was a line from a Marvin Gaye song entitled « Life Is For Learning » on the « In Our Lifetime? » album.  At this time….. in the public square….. I am going to admit this…..  I am not really up on Marvin’s catalog(bows head in shame).    I know « What’s Going On, »  « Let’s Get It On, »  « Mercy Mercy Me, » and a handful of others….. but « Life Is For Learning » (cheeky grin), so I will study up.

The lyrics of this song are DEEP.  Imagine this, « the artist pays the price so you don’t have to » – like someone stepping into a burning building to let you know how hot it can get, and then describing being burned in painful detail – FOR YOU – so you don’t necessarily have to go there, but can have the experience:  an actor so immersed in a role,  they can’t tell where the character begins and they end.

That’s enough to make anyone crazy ain’t it?   In Part 2 I will discuss art and the toll it takes on sanity :), but for now listen to a genius.


6 commentaires sur « The Artist Pays The Price: Part 1 »

  1. « …Some songs can corrupt your flesh to dust
    The only song you should live
    Are songs that you can trust… »

    Those words are prophetic given the calibre of « popular » music these days. The power of words is a serious matter…the power of song, doubly so.

  2. A genius indeed. Marvin was a minesweeper and definitely stepped in it many a time. Not only do artists pay the price, we can’t help it because we are usually compulsive by nature 🙂

    After you write about the toll art takes on ones sanity, I’ll share the toll you pay for not living your art. Your life never really goes on unless you indulge in your art. It’s like trying to go to sleep with a full bladder. If you don’t walk your ass to the bathroom, you’ll toss and turn all night. If you are tough enough to disregard the urge and get to sleep, you’ll wake up in one big mess 🙂

  3. @ Emelia – you are right on the money. I am gonna touch on that exact point very soon. Thank you for taking the time to check it & respond.

    @ Civilian – you wove the visual as skillfully as Nas (Illmatic Days). LOL So is that LITERALLY pissing your dreams away. 🙂

  4. Thanks for Reminding Our People about Knowledge in the Music Industry…..I love this song/album…

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