The Artist Pays The Price: Part 2

Well how hefty is the toll?

It’s been said that the artist walks the line between sanity and insanity….. and I must admit to feeling about a nudge away from the buckle vest myself at times. I used to think the one thing that could turn your world around was the onset or termination of a relationship — but this art thing…….. Well it will have you wondering which way is up, and looking for something to hang on to.

Is it crazy  to hear voices in your head? I always say, I am more of a conduit than anything else, and those voices, send me inspiration, offer direction, wake me up with ideas, and keep me up late at night with a nervous – I need to do this – energy……….. and I’m not alone:

Michael Jackson, when asked about insomnia by his tour director Kenny Ortega said:

« God channels this through me at night. I can’t sleep because I’m so super-charged.’ « Kenny said, ‘But Michael, we have to finish. Can’t God take a vacation?’ Without missing a beat, Michael said, ‘You don’t understand – if I’m not there to receive these ideas, God might give them to Prince. »

Prince MJ rivalries aside :)…….. it’s not all just muse and music.  A big part of this journey is trying to get to the place where you can actually be an « artist, » …….and that can make you crazy.   Before you can even practice for the big game, you’re shopping for uniforms, searching for teammates, and a whole bunch of other shit that seemingly has nothing to do with the sport. There are the days/weeks/months that you wonder, « should I just settle down and get the 2 kids-picket fence thing popping off before it’s too late? »  — but the Creator always sends a ray of light to give you strength to persevere.

OK… so me?  I have actually had an amazing year – not just rays of light but straight up sunburn at times.  🙂  There are times when life is truly like a harmonic chord – all things vibrating in perfect time and pitch to create something truly beautiful.  When you and your purpose are aligned it gets like that.  I pray that everyone can experience this.   There is a grand design and we all have a greater purpose — whether you embrace it or not.  I look forward to another year of trial, failure, accomplishment, frustration, discovery, and most of all happiness. —

I’d be crazy not to……  at any price.                           ….now peep this.


2 commentaires sur « The Artist Pays The Price: Part 2 »

  1. Yeah, I can definitely relate. People STILL ask me: ‘Frank, why do you do this music stuff? You don’t have a deal, you don’t rap and they just don’t sign old folks like you – WHY? » And I can say is:

    « Don’t you have something…SOMETHING that you do just because it makes you happy? It ain’t about the money, although it’s very nice to be paid for you work. It ain’t about the fame, although it is nice to be recognized for your work. You do it for the joy, for the love. You do it just because…well, you HAVE to. I’m sure I’d stop doing it if I could. But I find myself watching TV and suddenly, I’m humming, scribbling lyrics on post-its and whatnot. I’m suddenly looking at the sky, trying to hear the melody in my head that just came from nowhere. I can’t really explain it – It’s just a part of who I am.  »

    I feel you, D. Keep doing you. This ‘compulsion’ has been very good to you and taken you many places. Ain’t it great to imagine where else this need might take you tomorrow? The Grammys? The Queen of England? Africa? Who knows?


  2. Yes! That’s exactly it! We don’t really have a choice. I can no more quiet the voice in my head than I can stifle the hunger in my belly — and it is sustenance of sorts. It’s also a blessing, and I have heard you brother and you are DEFINITELY BLESSED. So, to counter the people that ask you why, let me offer the same encouragement you are sending my way. I am sure we touch more people than we will ever know, and that is the purpose of such a blessing. Keep doing your thing!

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