How TV Melted My Brain

While recording my album, my favorite pastime was watching Adult Swim.  I love Japanese Anime and whoever programs for that network has a sick sense of humor very similar to my own.  The line up repeats itself so I had it on as background noise until 4am most mornings.

When the album was completed I somehow found my way down the slippery slopes of loathsome reality television.  I had the guilty pleasure of Flavor of Love a while back, but then recovered only to find out that I had a relapse and was watching everything from cooking reality shows, bad girls in a house, real world, just about anything……..   Why the fascination with watching others live life?  I may offend a few people, but I don’t really watch sports.  I prefer to be a participant as opposed to a spectator.  I also think the statistics people keep in their heads would take up valuable room I could save for songs and I don’t know…. memories:)?  Sooooooo with the same rationale, shouldn’t I go out and find love instead of waiting to see if Ray J. finds his?

I know why I did it though…..   Sometimes it’s nice to get that mental anesthetic — something to get the hamster in your head to jump off the wheel, or at least slow his roll.  — But you know what?  Let him run, he’s gonna need to be in shape for the journey ahead.

It’s a new day… I took the cable box out of my room.   This year I am gonna listen to more music, reluctantly do more social media business, and write more songs.  If you see me and want to discuss the Jersey Shore, I am sorry to say I won’t be able to contribute.


8 commentaires sur « How TV Melted My Brain »

  1. Hmmm…I like TV but I could never (and still can’t) get into reality shows. My lady watches them religiously. I just hate the idea of someone telling me this is ‘real’ when it’s still obviously a scripted show. It kinda feels like someone pissing on me and calling it rain. How f*cking stupid do you think I am? LOL!!!

    Adult swim? Just don’t get it, really. Ever so often, I’ll giggle at something I’ve seen but ultimately – I’m lost. Maybe I’m just not that clever?!? I’m not ‘random’ enough?!? 😀

    I’m old school (as in most things…LOL!) in terms of my TV viewing. I’m about story & plot: beginning, middle, end. I’m a hardcore ‘Burn Notice’ & ‘Law & Order:UK’ guy and I love ‘The Mentalist’. There’s something so tongue-in-cheek about that Mentalist show that tickles me to no end!

    Dub music (particularly old Aswad-‘A New Chapter In Dub’ & electronic Prince Jammy-‘Prince Jammy Vs The Space Invaders’) have always been my zone out vehicle of choice. I don’t do pot or any other narcotic. But between that deep, drugged-out bass and the bleeps and glitches, I usually let go of reality pretty easily.

    But between my daughter & my music, I only really watch TV going to and from work on the subway. I’m addicted to media players. Download your show of choice and BOOM!: you’re there… 😀

  2. Darien, whenever I’m not writing I tend to veg out on television shows too. I try to stay away from the reality shows, but I’m hooked to Heidi Klum’s Project Runway, Let’s Talk About Pep, American idol, Celebrity Rehab and Fit Club… I am not addicted like I used to be but sometimes I need a break from my writer’s world ….. It keeps things balanced for me. Oh, and the only thing I’ve watched on adult swim is « Boondocks » that kid who created that cartoon is ca-razy talented….. it’s definitely not a show for the faint of heart…. Peace bro.

  3. i don’t think reality shows are all that bad. some of them are toxic, but a lot of them are about empowerment. those are the ones i enjoy. they can be quite inspiring.

    when you say « reluctantly do more social business, » does that reluctance include this blog? 🙂

  4. @Nedra Are you defending reality shows b/c you are soon to be cast for one? LOL. Just kidding. I suppose you are right. I guess I just have a knack for picking the shows that promote stereotypes and on a whole don’t contribute anything of substance.

    As for my « reluctance, » I am really enjoying this whole blogging thing. It allows me to be a bit more relaxed. Sometimes I just can’t fit my thoughts into 3 minutes and change. Also it’s another voice to express and share. What I am talking about is ……. Facebook, Facebook status, Myspace, Twitter, Buzz, Linkedin, Reverbnation, ISeeColor, etc….. Individually, they are all GREAT. I am just finding it difficult to constantly update ALL OF THEM and stay focused.

    The great thing about art is that you LEAVE the collective consciousness and then COME BACK with something to contribute.

    It seems that the artist of today is not really allowed to leave without losing relevance.

  5. @Frank I think one thing about reality TV is the lack of commitment involved. When you have a show with a plot you are committed to finding out the resolve. Reality shows you can miss every episode in between start and conclusion and be perfectly up to date. Even the budget required for the shows allows the producers to not « commit » too strongly to the vehicle.

    Lack of commitment seems like it is a common motif in our society, so maybe that is why it works so well.

  6. Like you did previously Darien, I tend to watch what I call ‘smut tv’ to get a break from the everyday roller-coaster ride my brain rides on. It’s my midnight getaway – horrible, I know! Not a junkie by any means, as I prefer to be on the other side of it all. You said it best, a participant rather than a spectator. It does suck me in, but there’s nothing better than engaging and letting that hamster GET.IT.IN. 🙂

  7. I’ve always said that I don’t want to waste my life watching someone else live their own…That stands for most reality TV including sports. I’m waaaaaayyyy too self-centered. That being said, the few reality series that really capture me center around creativity…Top Chef, Project Runway. Other people’s thought processes intrigue and inspire me.

    Am I always looking for intellectual stimulation? No. I have a couple dramas I watch almost on the regular, but bottom line – I can’t be lulled into unconsciousness like it seems the majority of people are. A little judgmental, perhaps, but arguably accurate.

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