Change isn’t always popular — but it’s often necessary

Let me begin by saying, I don’t want to have a political discussion as much as a social one.  Party loyalties can sometimes skew logic. Sooooooooo  with that out of the way…….

Whether you were for it or against it, the Health Care Reform Bill has been passed into law.   Only the future will tell what this means for the country but, one thing that is certain, is it means change.  The thing about making changes is you can’t please everyone. I know it is not the agenda or work of just one man, but to spearhead it takes courage.  Remember that scene in Braveheart where William Wallace(Mel Gibson) gives an inspirational speech and then leads the charge against the English?  Don’t be fooled…. as heroic and valiant as that may have appeared, he was also first to meet the enemy and their artillery.

In 2007 President Obama (then Senator Obama)  proclaimed he wanted to be held « accountable » for getting it done.  If there is one thing we need more of in this day and age, it’s accountability.  We are a very rich country – rich in resources, rich in culture, but also rich with many hypocrisies and inconsistencies.  The war abroad > peace at home philosophy is one example.  Here’s another:

I pay taxes for things I don’t use but I can’t get what I need. Case in point:  I was a private school head, never spent a day in a public school.  I don’t have children, but I pay school tax.   I have no problem with that and am happy to do so (sings earnestly « I believe the children are our future ») BUT I can’t afford health insurance – which I need.  I pay for medicaid as well as medicare and qualify for neither.  My tax money is sent off to fund the war of the moment, without so much as a questionnaire asking me if I am in support of it.

……. I think it takes courage to make waves.  Apply this concept to music.  If one major label right now decided they would sign people based on talent and originality and stop trying to clone last years model, I guarantee they would be successful, or at least leave us with some music that might stand the test of time.  (sometimes people take the late bus).  Even as an artist – going against the grain can alienate you.  Conscious records are not always as popular as party jams – but often times their messages echo loudly in the halls of history.  How often have you stayed in a job, relationship, location, all because of a fear of the unknown…… even though the one thing you did know is you weren’t where you wanted to be?

As for health care, only time can tell, but the system was broken and to continue on this path was not the way.  They say insanity is doing the same thing over and over again but expecting different results.  I for one have seen enough insanity in the White House.

At the end of the day, with one party championing it, and the other trying to bring it down with all their might, the system of checks and balances may finally come into play….. for a change.

« When the roots are sick, the branches will feel it » Darien

Special shout to E’vier for the character art!


Get your damn Passport!

Imagine WE are all invited to the greatest party of all time……. and YOU don’t have the proper ID to get in……….

You’re getting left……see you back at the house — homie.

I remember when I got my drivers license.  It was like I got the key to the city.  Instant freedom.  « You mean I can leave whenever I want to?  Not when the bus/train dictates? »   It actually became a haven for me as a writer.  I could hop in my car, pop in an instrumental and vibe out the verses while on the way to my destination (Multitasking –  it’s like getting bonus time added to your day – but that’s another story).  If a license is a key to the city, then a  passport is literally a key to the kingdom.

I think the greatest perks of being a successful artist aren’t the money, the clothes, not even the bling encrusted grills……. but the travel.  How better to mine the untapped potential of self?  New experiences help you to grow your franchise — by that I mean the mind and spirit.  Meeting people who walk a different path gives me a different perspective which is exactly what I need as a writer – and a human being.  How can you grow if the only places you travel, you’re surrounded by people who think the same way you do?  Traveling can help you appreciate what you have, strive for what you’ve seen,  grow from new experiences, have life defining moments, meet your soul mate, the list goes on.  I mean think about it.  Pizza might be your favorite food….today, but if that’s all you know in addition to burgers, chicken and fries you are not much of a culinary expert are you?   Then one day you try…… deep fried camel hump, and you  go into shock.  Now 1 of 2 things may have happened: you have just found your new favorite dish, or your appreciation for pizza increases exponentially because of the vile taste of « hump de la camel »(I wouldn’t know).  Either way it’s a win as you are exposed to the possibilities of all this life has to offer(and you get a good story to boot).  You can now replace an assumption with a fact based opinion.

God made the world for man, and then man in his « infinite wisdom » (as he does with most things) decided to partition it and disallow people to travel without « permission. »  — thankfully that permission isn’t too difficult to acquire.  God made this world for me and I don’t want any limitations on my access.

I say all this to say…  If you don’t have a passport get one, if you know someone who doesn’t have one encourage them to get one as well.

Next time we will discuss getting your PADI(scuba) license so you have the keys to the sea and you can get your aquaman on (the earth is 71% water you know)

« If you don’t have a passport, it’s like you only have the keys to the broom closet…….. in your mansion. »  — Darien

  • On a side note.  I wrote deep fried camel hump trying to be funny…….. but  it actually exists!  I need to get out more. 🙂