Meet Bipsycho a.k.a. Young Chariot

Ladies and gentlemen — My Bike!

(………. »Isn’t She Lovely » plays softly in the background………)

Summer is upon us and……. I love riding my bike…. Today I had an epiphany , as to why.

A bicycle converts your hard work into forward motion.  Your direct efforts will eventually get you where you wanna go.  There is no one there to help – no one can do it for you.  If you can build up some momentum….. it gets easier -but….. if you slow down……  you may have to work extra hard just to get your rhythm back.  There are times when you push so hard that you feel like you have nothing left….. an uphill battle where you wanna hop off and give up…… and then…… all of a sudden…… you come around the bend and start coasting downhill effortlessly!  You will surely be tested/tempered by the road, but if you take the time to look around you can actually enjoy the journey.

So straightforward. No wonder the design hasn’t changed much since inception.

Now if everything else could just make this much sense.  🙂

Scenes from the road…… « The Road Less Traveled » « The Bridge » and a « Damn!! »

Appropriate ain’t it?


4 commentaires sur « Meet Bipsycho a.k.a. Young Chariot »

  1. Got it, bro. I have one of those things, but I have never ridden it yet, so, perhaps, this spring/summer I will ride, and when I do, I’ll remember your words. Things are going cool on the literary front. Hope all is well, Darien. Be blessed, bro.

  2. Had a similar epiphany a while back. Got back to biking last year. Great to experience familiar surroundings in a new way…can’t wait to get back to it this summer.

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