The Love Revolution – EVOLUTION

I have been very fortunate to have the support of so many behind my musical endeavors.  I always say you are all the steam that powers the dream.

I have also been blessed to have the outlets to speak about the « Love Revolution » and the positive change we can make with messages and music…. and now I am blessed with an opportunity, that I can extend to you, in which to turn words and seeds into deeds.

I have entered into the Honda Sounds of Civic competition.  The grand prize is a 2012 Honda Civic.  Our intention, should we win, is to donate the car to Cancer research and survivors.

I lost my father to cancer and it has had a lasting effect on my life.   So many people close to me have also felt the effects of this disease, and I continue to hear more stories daily since beginning this undertaking.

Please vote and spread the word to make this gift a reality.  

It’s very easy to vote and you only have to do it once by clicking « I LIKE THE SOUND OF THIS » found HERE:

Then spread the word to someone you know. (direct link below)

But know that you can also give directly to the many organizations fighting this disease.

The true Love Revolution will begin as we each give back.

Thank you. Be blessed

This is only the beginning of many things that we have planned for the future, so If you wish to assist or have any information that could help please contact us at

3 commentaires sur « The Love Revolution – EVOLUTION »

  1. Already done. Until this year, I didn’t know what it was to be directly affected by cancer. As my sister continues to near the end of her treatments, it has only reinforced the importance of loved ones above all else. The Love Revolution lives on. 🙂

  2. Hi, Darien. I’m starting a website odesforthesoul. com. I love your concept of Love Revolution. I have a friend that’s fighting colon cancer right now and last year I decided to do something by participating in Relay for Life. I also want to bring more love to the universe. Maybe we can connect, bump heads, and keep the love flowing. check out my poetry and connect with me on facebook.

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