LOST & SOUND Vol 1. Overseas Edition

When an artist works on an album (or any large body of work for that matter), what is released to the public is usually only the tip of the iceberg.   For instance Beyonce reportedly recorded 72 songs for her latest album « 4, » only to wind up with 12 on the finished project.  Motown has literally THOUSANDS of unreleased songs in their vaults from many iconic artists.

There are many reasons these works never see the light of day:  sometimes visions aren’t fully realized, budget restrictions, missed deadlines, they might not fit into a particular body of work…… and sometimes they just deserve to stay well below the surface never to be seen or heard again.  🙂  

Independent artists are no different.  While working on my new project, « Notes From the Journey, »  I am whittling down a huge body of work hoping to get just the right balance for the album.

Soooo….  the other day I received a google alert from a producer named Wango that I hadn’t spoken to in a few years.   It led me to go back through my older recordings and I came across a song aptly titled « Hard To Put Words To It. »  I remember trying to get this done for « If These Walls Could Talk, » but never getting it « quite » right.    At the time, Wango offered to remix a track for me, so I figured I would give him this song instead.  He did a great job literally re-imagining the song, but it still ended up on the cutting room floor.  I know he put a lot of work into it, and I felt rather than dragging « his » work into the abyss with me, I would share it with you all:

So begins my new series called Lost & Sound.  In it, I will try and release my strangle hold on a few unfinished works and, in doing so, hopefully give you a bit more insight into the process.  Bear with me though, as an artist it goes against my nature to share anything that I haven’t lost at least 3 weeks sleep over  and half a head of hair. 🙂

As a bonus please check out another overseas collaboration with German Producer Steven Töteberg (expect to hear more from us in the future).  Steven’s Remix of « My Door » previously only available on the « This Is Darien » App.

Until next time…. I will be whittling away.  🙂


Would Stevie’s Wonder stand a chance in our « Modern » Society?


It should come as no surprise that I –and probably everyone else on the planet– am a huge fan of Stevie Wonder.  I came across some rare « Stevie footage » recently (see below) and was amazed at the talent and passion this man has possesed for his ENTIRE career.  But then it hit me….. Today…..What network would air this? What label would sign this? What station would play this?

Do you think in our day and age, a boy named  Steveland Hardaway Morris (born Judkins), would ever be more than a momentary YouTube sensation?  Would he be forced to search for success by singing popular cover songs on American Idol, the Voice or (insert your show of choice), all the while suppressing his mastery of the written word?   How would he fare in the world of social media, dealing with twitter and Facebook updates?  Would he have to release free mixtapes containing songs like « Ribbon in the Sky, » « As, » and « Overjoyed » all in the hopes of getting discovered?  Furthermore, would we dismantle a standing work like « Songs in the Key of Life » for our iPod playlists–never to digest it as the artist intended?

Would our collective ADHD even allow his name to stay on our tongues for more than a month?

I would like to think that some things are just undeniable, but I see amazing talent flying under the radar everyday so………… I’ll just leave it for you to contemplate. 🙂

I, for one, am just happy that the « Machine » that would put artists like Al Green, Donny Hathaway, Roberta Flack, James Brown (to name just a few) out to pasture once they were no longer « Marketable, » was not fully operational at the time.  Still, I am deeply concerned for the future icons that are so needed for the generations to come.

For now, If you see a Wonder in the making spread the word ……..and enjoy some videos from a National Treasure.

 Would he ever be allowed to become the Wonder that is Stevie Wonder?