« All Around the World »…. and NYC Pt.1

I just had an amazing night of music.  It started with another  opportunity to rock with my Soul Brother Jarrard Anthony performing our song « All Around the World. »   It truly was a historic occasion as Jarard christened the walls of Mist Harlem with songs from his « Ready to Live » CD.  It was also special because this is the first time we’ve had the pleasure of having Onaje Allan Gumbs (keys/string arrangement) play the song live with us since the studio session.


A little back story…. Jarrard is a man of his word.  He told me he wanted to work on something after the recording of  the Damn Sista Remix (featuring an all star cast: WildMann, Jon Bibbs, Eric Roberson, Jarrard, and myself).

My phone rings and Jarrard is in NY sitting with drummer/super producer Nate Smith, and invites me to swing thru.  After some serious deep building and lessons from Onaje, we began recording what would become « All Around the World. »  The results?… well you can check them out below.

If you want to support positive people and positive music purchase Ready to Live.  It’s an incredible album that I am honored to be part of.

newL-R: Mic El, Les Cleveland, Tai Allen, Jarrard Anthony, Fiona Bloom, Amer Amen, Onaje Gumbs, George Littlejohn, Darien

– shouts to Mic El (who dropped a dope impromptu verse), Amer Amen holding down JA to the fullest (who I hope is working on her own project), Monet who is featured on the album version (flute), and the incredible band with my boy and Drummer/MD Les Cleveland.

…… and the night didn’t end there.


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